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The Dogs

  • A film by Angèle Chiodo
  • 2013 20'
  • An Ikki Films production
  • In coproduction with Arts Premiers

A boy and a girl have just met at a Christmas dinner. They went out to walk their dogs. The girl’s dog is very agitated at the end of its leash, and only thinks of copulating with the boy’s dog. The latter is well trained, its master embarks on a theoretical course on dog training, and asks the girl to relish hers, she obeys, and the dog runs away. The boy apologizes, confesses to her that he hates his family, and almost hits the girl when she shouts that her dog’s shit is her only reason for getting up in the morning to go to work. A mad tramp watches the scene with his idiotic and dumb eyes. He does not celebrate Christmas with his family, and will not work tomorrow, besides he probably doesn’t know what day it is.

  • Artistic crew

    The young woman: Maud Roulet
    The young man: Slimane Yefsah
    The tramp: Jeremy Tate
    Image: Yann Maritaud
    Sound: Anthony Soihier
    Make-up: Maëla Gervais
    Set design: Cerise Lopez
    Image editing: Louise Jaillette
    Colour grading: Yannig Willmann
    Sound editing: Florent Castellani, Mathieu Vigouroux
    Foley: Agathe Courtin
    Mix: Benjamin Laurent