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About us

Since the creation of Ikki Films in 2011 we have been striving to produce a cinema of experience and experimentation. Pushing back the boundaries of narration, in search of a beauty that’s sharp rather than smooth, inviting the viewer towards doubt, uncertainty, and mystery.
We therefore support young animation and live action filmmakers, from France and abroad, in all types of formats, with the conviction that each of their works will find and have an impact on its audience. As a small-scale production company – with 10 films in 10 years – we are lucky enough to see that our instincts have been correct: our films have reached all continents, participating in more than 700 festivals, and receiving more than 200 awards.
The team is composed by Nidia Santiago and Edwina Liard, producers working in tandem on every project, and Juliette Marquet and Alejandra López who accompany us respectively on animation and live action films.
In 2020 we received the Procirep Short Film Producer Award.