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The Character of rain

  • An animation project by Liane-Cho Han and Maïlys Vallade
  • 2024 1'15''
  • Adapted from "The Character of rain" by Amélie Nothomb, published by Albin Michel Editions in 2000.
  • Written by Liane-Cho Han, Maïlys Vallade, Aude Py and Eddine Noel
  • Graphics authors: Eddine Noël, Liane-Cho Han, Maïlys Vallade, Marietta Ren, Marion Roussel, Justine Thibault, Rémi Chayé, Simon Dumonceau
  • A production of Ikki Films, Maybe Movies and Puffin Pictures
  • In coproduction with France 3 Cinéma and 2 minutes
  • With the support of Procirep - Angoa, CNC - Avance sur Recettes, CNC - CVS (pilot and production), CNC - Aide au développement, CNC - Aide aux techniques d’animation, Région Ile-de-France, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Département de la Charente, Région Réunion, Région Bretagne, CICLIC - Région Centre-Val de Loire and of Media
  • International distribution: Gebeka International.
  • Distribution in France: Haut & Court

  • Presales: Canal +, Ciné +, France Télévisions, ADN.

Until the age of two and a half, Amélie describes herself as a digestive tube, inert and vegetative. Then comes the crucial event that makes her tumble into childhood. Over the course of six months, she discovers language, parents, brothers and sisters, a heavenly garden, passions (Japan and water), aversions (to carp), seasons and time. Everything that, from the age of three, constitutes the human person forever. Because at that age, everything is played out, happiness as well as tragedy… This is the message that this mischievous baby sends us, observing the world with acuity.