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  • An animated short film by Carlos Gomez Salamanca
  • 2016 8'51''
  • An Ikki Films production
  • In coproduction with NOCROMA (Colombia) and JPL Films (France)
  • With the support of IDARTE, CNC – Aide avant réalisation, Région Bretagne and Arte
  • Distribué par Miyu Distribution

In December 2011, a vigil was killed by a pack of more than 20 stray dogs walking in a poor neighborhood in the suburbs of Bogotá.  Around this tragic news item an animated short film about the notions of body and territory specific to the city of Bogotá is built.

  • Artistic crew

    Stop motion image: Simon Filliot
    Animation stand image: Fabien Drouet
    Animation: Carlos Gómez Salamanca, Gilles Coirier, Fabienne Collet, Jean-Marc Ogier
    Set decoration: Jean-Marc Ogier, Hugues Brière, Fabienne Collet, Lisa Klemenz
    Image editing: Juan-Pablo Gómez Salamanca, Carlos Gómez Salamanca
    Compositing: Eric Mauger
    Colour grading: José Espinoza
    Sound: Enrique Egurrola Zuleta
    Sound editing: Michel Adamik
    Foley: Ilich Amézquita, Carlos Arturo Ramírez
    Mix: François Macé
    Voice: Mauricio Cujar, Zonia Rocha, Monica Chavez, Luis Moreno, Juan Antonio Aperador, Sous-intendant Carlos Vanegas Correa, Efraín Ramírez, Oswaldo Torres, Astrid Penagos
    Music: Carlos Arturo Ramírez, Pierre Oberkampf

  • Festivals and Awards

    “Lupus” was selected in competition in over 50 French and international festival, among which Clermont-Ferrand, Animatou, Encounters, SESSIF, etc.

    The film was awarded the Press Prize at Festival du court métrage de Lille (France), The Best animation Prize at Silver Film Festival (Argentina), The Students Prize at Festival de cinéma d’animation de Pontarlier (France),  the Best Short Prize at Festival Internacional de Animacion LA TRUCA (Colombia), and the Best national animation Award at BOGOSHORTS (Colombia)