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La Vida es un carnaval

  • A documentary by Fernando Colin Roque
  • 2021 55'
  • A production of Ikki Films
  • In coproduction with Le Fresnoy (France)
  • With the support of the CNC - Aide au programme de court métrage, CNC - Aide au programme de court métrage, Ciclic - Centre-Val de Loire and Procirep-Angoa
  • Distributed by Varicoloured (Estonia)

In a small rural Mexican community where traditions are strongly valued, a marginal LGBT group wants to organize for the first time a gay pride parade during the well-known and very special annual village carnival. A transgender movie star is called in to help them provoking a very unexpected showdown.

  • Directing and script : Fernando Colin Roque
    Image : Fernando Colin Roque
    Sound : Omar Aguilar Ruedas
    Editing : Eric Mauger
    Sound Design : Brice Kartman
    Mix : Yannick Delmaire
    Original music : Sergio Gurrola et Fernando Colin Roque



    Selected in 5 festivals including Docs MX and Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico).