A film by Alice Furtado

In coproduction with Giz  Estudio(Brazil) and BALDR Film (The Netherlands)
With the support of PRODECINE, Hubert Bals Fund, Ciclic Région Centre-Val de Loire, Le Fresnoy, and CNC-Aides aux Cinémas du Monde for postproduction.


Silvia is an introspective teenager, uncomfortable with the recent changes that happened to her body. Abnormally thin and taller than most girls of her age, she always walks with her back bent, an attempt to hide her height disparity. Nothing in Silvia’s routine between family and school seems interesting enough to cacth her attention. Everything abruptly changes when Artur arrives. Silvia is fascinated by the boy’s vitality, who nevertheless suffers from a serious congenital disease – the hemophilia. The death of Artur drags Silvia into a strange nightmarish stage.

Date: 2019 Compétences: Feature Films, Production